Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer is over and new adventures begin!

Okay so I sit here with my cup of coffee and having some quiet time and I know I am slacking again on my blog. So lets see the last few weeks have been sorta hectic but in a good way. As many of you know and those who don't, cause I kinda had to hide it for awhile...but I GOT A JOB!!!! The most amazing job to me, I will be working for Comanche Springs Elem. school starting Aug 17Th as a nurse aide! I can't tell you enough how blessed and truly happy I am to be offered this position. I loved doing my in home childcare, but it just was not for me. It takes a special kinda of person to handle that and well I had to convince myself as convenient as it was it just was not for me anymore. So with that being said. Jade will be transferred to the school with me which is only a few blocks away from her school she was attending. She is SOOOOO excited!!! I think she is more excited than me!

There has been a lot of meetings, classes, and certifications for vision and hearing screenings. I needed to obtain before starting so my summer calender has been jammed packed. Next week is in-service week which they call Convocation. It's something they take very seriously and want the whole school to be involved with and take a lot of pride in their school being seen as Exemplarary. They have this reality TV show theme and our school was chosen as "Amazing Race" now I don't watch that show but I thought it was like a scavenger hunt and each team is in a race to be first. Well I know are all in teams of 5, and we do have a scavenger hunt planned at the end of next week. Now I know what your thinking, wow that sounds like a easy peasy job, I know right! But on a serious note there is A LOT that I am responsible for and yesterday I had 5 hours of my Nurse aide Manual to go over. WOW...everything from broken bones, to allergic reactions, to asthma, concussions, diabetic shock, seizures and much more. Kinda freaked me out but I know I can handle it if I were to be in that position. My nurse, Mary will be at Comanche as well as our sister school Prairie Vista Middle school so there will be times when I will be covering the school all by myself. I have not yet told my nurse or my principal Donna about my pregnancy. I plan on telling them next week I am little nervous but I plan on reassuring them that this will not effect my ability to work and that I don't plan on taking that much time off cause Brandon gets 12 weeks off paid! So I really only plan on taking off 3 wks and going back on the 4th week.

Okay so last Friday Lisa's wonderful sister Tammy offered to ultrasound us again to see what we were having. Now mind you I am so wishy-washy about finding out but I thought what the heck! So I go first cause I had like 2 gallons of water in my bladder I was holding on for about 2 hours, and while we were waiting for Tammy, Brandon and Jared were bored so they decided to entertain themselves and while Jared was strecthing a medical glove over his head Brandon was instructing him to pull it over this nose and blow it up. Hilarious, until I nearly pee'd all over the bed. Seriously, I laugh at everything and well I had to focus or seriously loose it and pee everywhere. So Tammy shows up...oh wait I have to add that Lisa tried to sono me and we saw the baby and Lisa says "Yeap there's a penis" and as we all focus on what she is pointing the baby moves and see that she pointing to our child's head! Bawahahahaha I couldn't stop laughing in fact we were all laughing cause she thought the head was the penis!!! I giggle again just reliving it my head. okay so Tammy comes in, and we see our baby VERY LONG and completely stretched out, we could see the arm bones, legs bones, and the feet very distinct. It was absolutely amazing to see how much our baby has grown in just a few weeks. Not only is our baby long, but very active as if I had drank a Red Bull or something. Well needless to say "Stretch" did not want to cooperate and show us his/her private parts. Tammy was awesome and didn't want to give up but lliterally after 45 mins of rubbing my tummy I said it's fine "let's see what Lisa is having" So of course her baby is just hanging out and we all got to see him PEE which was really weird and funny I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I mean what are the chances? So yes, there was a penis clear as day. So we tried me one more time but I had emptied my bladder and it was harder to see and the baby, and he/she had their back to us and definitely did not want to be bothered. So I was fine with leaving not knowing what we were having I was happy to see the baby growing and got to hear the heartbeat at a good 152 beats. Jared and Lisa were WAY more upset. So tonight we are going again to see if we will have better luck. So wish us luck! Hamburger or Hot dog? We shall see!!!!

I will update more but I can't promise you that I will tell you the outcome! I might hold it in for awhile.
I forgot to mention what my body is doing. I am still down 13 lbs from being sick the first 3 months. But I seem to have my appetite back so I am sure that won't last for long. On Monday I noticed my stomach protruding out...I just starred at it not because its amazingly beautiful but because it doesn't look "normal" I mean I went to Lisa's on Wednesday and showed her my "bump" and well she did notice it and her and I both said I it is not proportioned. I look like I have a bump about my belly button and underneath has not caught up with the top. So yeah I can't wait till the bottom catches up with the top and Lisa reassured me it will and its just the baby moving all my stuff around. But I totally can't button any of my pants and thankfully I found the BellaBand and it is my lifesaver until I can go out and get maternity clothes. Okay I have to go now! loves ya!


  1. Why am I not surprised that your baby is so long?? That is so exciting...HE does look really long on that sono picture. Yes, I said he, I'm guessing a boy...cause why not..It's fun to guess isn't it. And besides I know I have a 50/50 shot at being right. I think I'm just hoping for a boy. Glad everything looks so good though. And I am really happy about your job. You just sound so excited and so happy for the new challenges and position and I am doubly excited for Jade starting a new school. That girl is a social butterfly..she will do so well no matter where she is! Thanks for updating. I love it! And love you!

  2. Congrats on your new job! That sounds exciting and challenging. Glad you are so excited about it and they will be gaining a great person to their staff!

    Hamburger or hot dog...that was funny! I'll have to use that sometime. :) Don't worry, he/she will cooperate eventually. You are so lucky to have someone available to give sonograms anytime!

  3. I'm with Amy on's a boy!


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